Testimonials About Us!

Samantha Smith


"You are truly unique in what you do and deserve all the success that comes your way.  You and your team have been so great to us that our referrals are our thank you.  We are so blessed to have you in our life!

We met Sonny and his team at his office.  We got to meet his team and see what they did behind the scenes.   We could really tell that there was more to this process then just looking at homes with Sonny.  He was very quick to express that this is a team effort and pass along kudos to his team.  I was impressed with the technology used in his office and the team concept.  Again, this just built my confidence in his brand." 

I couldn’t have asked for a better REALTOR and now friends.    

Eric & Herani Brotman


"Sonny, your exceptional knowledge of  the history and current trends in the real estate market, and your close personal experience with each the builders, provided us with a sense of security that we sorely needed to make a rational decisions. 

Your thoughtful understanding of, and concern for what we as new buyers were facing during our transfer from New Jersey made the move far easier than we had expected. 

You and Judi always went the extra mile to stay on top of the entire home buying process. You were more than just our Realtor; you were also a trusted friend to whom we could turn. We will not hesitate to tell our friends and colleagues that they can do no better than to work with Judi and Sonny Moyers." 

Will & Marcy Walton


You exceeded our expectations! It was refreshing to work with a team of professional, knowledgeable individuals that had our best interest at heart. You went above and beyond in marketing our home and provided excellent communication to us throughout the entire process. 

Your planning, organization and professionalism are unsurpassed. It was a pleasure working with you!  You are the expert in the industry. You are the " Game Changer ." In the future, when buying or selling, we will not hesitate to contact the O'Dea Moyers Group. 

The team that can help make dreams become a reality..."  

Mayor Maher Maso


 “Sonny has been a true leader in our fast-growing community.  Because of his passion for a well-balanced community and giving back, he helped create, organize and lead the Frisco Association for the Arts as its President. 

The Association is an umbrella organization for our city. Frisco Association for the Arts has grown into an organization that has significantly impacted the arts in Frisco. Sonny has the ability to bring groups of people together for a common cause and empower and lead them to goals that truly make an impact. 

Sonny planted the seeds that Frisco needed to grow into the successful city it is today. He had the vision and ability to make a difference!”

Mike Simpson, Mayor


   “Sonny Moyers is a perfect example of the impact a successful business leader can make by giving back to his community.  

As the former Mayor of Frisco, I had the pleasure of working with Sonny who helped us lead the program to expand arts and culture in our fast growing city.  As the volunteer leader and Board President of the Frisco Association for the Arts, for three years, he led the efforts to grow this important initiative in Frisco.  

He continues to speak to the City Council, as a business leader on key issues facing the city and supports the Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County and our efforts to serve over 7,000 young people in need in our communities. “ 

Tony Ruggeri


 “As one of the first realtors to show and sell Phillips Creek Ranch in 2013 to his continued involvement today, 

Sonny Moyers is truly a pioneer of Phillips Creek Ranch and a testament to its success. Having sold multiple homes with multiple builders as well as his involvement with the Advisory Board, Sonny continues to help Phillips Creek Ranch develop into one of the top Master Planned Communities in Texas. 

Sonny is extremely educated in all facets of the housing market, and his wealth of knowledge with regards to product types, builders, agents and buyers continues to aid the success of Phillips Creek Ranch and ultimately RPG.” 

What sets you apart from other Realtors?


My Master of Science Degree in Psychology & Human Behavioral Theory gives me an advantage in understanding and relating to our clients. 

This provides an advantage when negotiating on behave of my clients.

My education and experience as a Consultant, Broker, and Instructor at the Ebby Halliday Career Training Center for 3 years, gives me insight into different ways of providing great service to our clients. 

High Standards...

I have high standards for personal performance and seek to provide the highest level of professional services to clients. 

We have built our company around the concept presented in Jim Collins book, Good to Great!

We try each year to improve and be truly a great real estate firm. We are not satisfied at just being good and see “Good” as the enemy of “Great”. For this reason we constantly ask our clients, vendors, and team members for suggestions on ways of improving.

Ethical Commitment

“Client First, Whatever It Takes, That’s What We Do!


We put our clients first in all matters and seek to provide a level of service that is second to none. 

We understand that our ethical and fiduciary commitment is to our client that we serve.


When we were first start working with client searching for a home, we provide them our “Finding a Home Guidebook!” 

This is a book we created that is proprietary to our Group. It was designed for Buyers who are moving to the Area. It has lots of useful information, Q&A information, local trends, etc. 

It also includes a list of neighborhoods where new and pre-owned homes are available for the Buyer, as well as maps and local tax and school information. 


When we are working with a client we take the time to understand their needs and wants.  

If they are from outside the area, we conduct a one-hour teleconference (or Skype call when Possible) to discuss the process of Buying a home in the DFW Area. 

During this Client orientation call I cover all aspects of buying a home.  When discussing opportunities to buy new homes from builders, I explain explain the differences between purchased a new home versus a previously owned home. 


When we meet with a client that wants to sell a home, we take the time to understand their goals and objectives.  Our collaborative way of working with them makes it clear that we are a TEAM.

We provide our Client with a "Professional Marketing Plan for Your Home" document that describes in detail our marketing plan for selling their home.

We take the time to review all information available to help them make a good decision!

Awards & Recognition's