It Begins With Collaboration...

Listening to You is Paramount!

There is an organized way of beginning your search to find a new home.  Many realtors jump in their car right away and start showing you properties that you might be interested in seeing.  

We have a different process.

We know your time is valuable and for that reason we approach the process of helping you find a home in a more detailed and organized way, making your time a priority.  

Here are some helpful tips for getting ready to look for a new home.

  • When we meet with you, we go over this process more fully and provide you with our exclusive and proprietary Finding a Home Guidebook!
  • We take the time to know what you want before we start showing you properties.  We also take the time to research properties before showing them to you so that we don’t waste your valuable time.
  • Begin your search for a new home by assembling a team of professionals who can collaborate with us to deliver superior service.  Of course, in this collaboration, you are the TEAM leader. Collaboration TEAM members include your realtor, mortgage lender, inspectors, and most importantly, you!

  1. Try not to think in terms of a timeline unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Keep in mind the value and worth of expert resources who know what they are doing.
  3. You should be involved in the process, but let expert resources do their job so that you can benefit from their experience.
  4. Keep in mind that more expensive isn’t necessarily better, and cheaper is not always cheaper!
  5. Set a realistic budget and realistic expectations based upon the research that your team does for you.  You may not know what homes and other items or services may cost in every market area.
  6. When you begin negotiations, listen to your resources to help you realize the advantage in the negotiation.
  7. Always sweat the details, and let your advisers help you consider all options and alternativ

Let Meet & Discuss Your Plans

You may know a lot or be totally unsure of most things about Buying or Selling.  You are an expert in what you want.  We are experts about "Illuminating the Possibilities!"

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