Investing in Real Estate...


We have clients that are investing and know how to Help You!

We have been helping clients invest in real estate for years.  One of our clients has purchased seven rental properties with our services and is thrilled with how we support his investment plan.


 The home on the left was purchased for $227,000 and is now worth over $289,000 in just three years.  That real appreciation and a great long-term strategy. 

Depreciation & Tax Benefits

Depreciation and other expenses allow you to maximize your returns on investment real estate.  Do you know what you are allowed to deduct in computing your taxes?

Income to Help You Retire!

The home on the left cash flows each month and is retiring debt on a 15 year mortgage at over $800.00 per month.  Now that's a retirement plan not related to the stock market.

Leverage is the Key to Investing in Real Estate...

Do you know and understand the leverage concept in real estate?  Let me explain and show you the benefits.

Planning for Retirement...

Meet with me for a no-obligation meeting to collaborate and plan your investment strategy in real estate.  I'll show you how to make the first move.